About Us

Our Story

Started in 2014, Freelance Group Limited is a registered company in Uganda. We are a team of specialists dedicated to handling incorporation or REGISTRATION, TAXATION and ACCOUNTING SERVICES as well as ONLINE MARKETING and WEBSITE HOSTING SERVICES. We take pride in providing our clients with the best professional services available. Our skills and experience allows us to handle consulting services from start to finish.

The Business Process

Part of this process involves planning, interviewing, registration and Incorporation, Licensing, Taxation and Accounting services. We handle the whole process for, as the clients go on with other business operations. We listen to Our clients and then go straight to working on their needs professionally.

Our Clients

Our client is the typical business man and entrepreneurs coming from the business sector such as small businesses and corporations, and non-profit organizations. Our experience allows us to handle all clients satisfactorilly without considering their status. All clients are important to us and they arethe reason we are in business.

Why Freelance?

We are a Reliable business Consultancy with the best and competetive rates while mainitaining Standards and Professionalism in business. We are swift and precise at catering for the clients needs. Each client is an opportunity for us to grow and improve on our experience and client services.


Our Mission

Mission Statement: “Provide Our Clients with reliable and affordable Consultancy services to enhance Business and Organizational growth.”

Our Vision

We strive to become the “Leading and most reliable Business Consultancy Service provider in Uganda and East Africa through Provision of cost effective packages to the clients”

Our Values

We Value Integrity, Reliability, Dependability, Affordability and Precision in Providing and catering for the needs of the Client.